JPSC Official Exam 2021: These 5 Useful Tips will help you crack the exam

The Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) has decided to conduct the JPSC Public Service Exam 2021 from January 28-30, 2022. The second exam is held in offline format and aims to improve a candidate’s knowledge base in multiple subjects such as languages, literature, social sciences, history, states and the Constitution of India, etc.

The exact date for JPSC 2021 public service admission ticket for the main exam is not known. However, due to last year’s records, candidates can expect their hall tickets to be released in the last week of January 2022.

The JPSC 2021 public service curriculum for the main stage is extensive. It covers a wide range of topics and subjects. Here are the five tips candidates can follow to pass the exam:

– Although the curriculum is extensive, the examination follows a specific subject framework. Candidates need to go through this skeleton to ensure that all topics are covered. Now is the time to study the boisterous and tricky topics instead of covering them at the last moment.

– The main exam assesses the way a candidate answers each question. Hence, aspirants need to focus on the practice of answer writing and attempt to take mock tests to further hone their ability to write answers. In short, the answers must be analytical and intelligent; not vague and general.

– Reading a national and state level Hindi and English newspaper daily, preferably in the morning, to build vocabulary and grammar skills is a must. It would also be useful to be aware of all current events in the country and in the world.

– The main exam consists of 6 papers, each of which is held for 1 hour. A candidate must be able to solve and complete all work within this period of time. The most important preparation tip for this is taking mock exams on a daily basis. This is regardless of whether a candidate has completed a specialist degree or not.

– The revision of topics, notes and additional information is another important aspect of the preparation strategy. A candidate has to do more than just solve bogus exams, but get the facts right. This can only be achieved by revisiting the issues, especially the difficult ones. In this final month of preparation, revision must be given priority over starting new parts just to cover the syllabus.

After completing the main exam JPSC sections will be released to determine the number of candidates who will be shortlisted for the interview. Qualified candidates are then called for the round of interviews, after which the final JPSC results to be announced.

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