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Grammarly is a tool designed to make your writing the best it can be. With the flexibility to use all of your smart devices one way or another, it can really be a turning point for almost anyone who types regularly – regardless of what you write or why.


Grammarly’s free plan is a great way to try this writing tool for yourself (Image credit: Grammarly)

Plans and Pricing

Grammarly has three plans – Free, Premium, and Business. While these plans have a lot in common, it’s important to understand the differences.

The free plan enables “simple writing suggestions”. This helps identify spelling, grammar, and punctuation problems. For the average or simple user, this is a great option.

The Premium Plan is designed to “improve style, tone, and clarity for writing at work and at school”. This includes everything that the free tier offers and adds seven additional features: clarity-oriented sentence rewriting, tone adjustments, plagiarism detection, choice of words, formality level, fluency and additional advanced suggestions.

The business plan is designed for teams and their “professional and clear communication”. The business plan contains everything in premium quality and also includes a style guide, snippets, brand tones, an analytics dashboard, priority email support, account roles and authorizations, and SAML SSO.

The team management tools activated in the business plan are phenomenal for actual team work. Grammarly’s business tier enables account roles and authorization support. In this way, companies can take their teamwork to the next level. Some other things that are enabled include helpful features like style guides, snippets, brand sounds, and analytics dashboards.


Check your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more with Grammarly’s free grammar checker (Image credit: Grammarly)



The correctness feature includes the ability to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more. This feature is included in all three plans and is the core feature of Grammarly. Knowing that you have an automatic second read through of your script can be enormous. If you can trust that your words and grammar are correct, no matter what project or text you are working on, you can relieve a lot of stress.


Clarity helps bring all of the right words together and work together. The paid levels allow sentences to be rewritten and formatting aids, while the free level only checks for conciseness. This feature brings the correct words from step one and correctly forms them together.


This function is only available in the paid levels and is one of the more robust tools. This tool enables you to check convincing vocabulary and a lively variety of sentences.


This tool enables tone detection in all three levels. in addition, all functions are chargeable options. These include confident writing, courtesy, formality, and inclusive language.


Grammarly can help improve your writing in a variety of different apps and services thanks to its numerous integrations (Image credit: Grammarly)

Interface and in action

Grammarly made sure that anyone and everyone can use their software. There are desktop apps, Microsoft Office integrations, keyboards for mobile devices, and more. If you have a smart device, Grammarly could have it.

Grammar keyboard

The Grammarly Keyboard is available for smartphones and tablets (Image credit: Grammarly)

I use the mobile app occasionally, but most of the time I use the keyboard integration on my iPad Pro.

Grammar keyboard in use

Type on a physical keyboard and view suggestions on the Grammarly Keyboard (Image credit: Grammarly)

This keyboard integration allows me to type on my hardware keyboard and display suggestions in the bottom bar of the screen on my iPad Pro. Then when I finish a section or an entire piece that I’m working on, I can choose to have Grammarly check my text for errors.


Grammarly gives your writing an overall score based on its correctness, clarity, commitment, and execution (Image credit: Grammarly)

The least noticeable value of this application is that Grammarly helps you improve your writing skills rather than just changing the text. For each change, Grammarly explains why the change is proposed so that you can study for the next time. This has helped me start writing better and, ironically, using less grammar.


Grammarly paid users have priority email support and can send questions to the company directly. This creates confidence while relying on Grammarly knowing that support is available when a problem arises.

Help center

Grammarly’s searchable Help can even help free users find answers to frequently asked questions or problems (Image credit: Grammarly)

In addition to paying member support, the Grammarly website has a plethora of free support options. For example, there is a help center with lots of tips and tricks to get the most out of the service.

Final verdict

Grammarly is a tool that is so simple and easy that anyone reading this should download it. It can be run in the background from the keyboard and can help in scenarios you have never thought of before.

For students in school, this can be a simple add-on to Microsoft Office, and then any document you enter can be error-free. Or maybe download it to your phone and it will help you sound smart to your friends and co-workers in ways that will shock them.

For employees, regardless of your position, the email is a little more formal. You can use Grammarly to make sure you sound professional when writing and emailing your coworkers.

Even if you’re not a college student or a business user, you can try Grammarly on almost any of your devices to improve your writing.


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