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Kohima, October 24th (MExN): A national webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights for Science and Research Visibility” was hosted by the Department of Sociology, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Jakhama, in collaboration with Cell for IPR Promotion & Management (CIPAM), Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal, organizes Commerce, Department of Commerce and Industry on October 22nd and 23rd.

Dr. George Keduolhou Angami, principal of the SJC, highlighted the importance and potential of the webinar in his opening speech, according to a college press release.

Keynote speaker Pearl Sobti, Deputy Vice President, CIPAM explained the importance of knowing intellectual property rights (IP). She presented the development and the main principles of CIPAM and mentioned the National IPR Policy 2016.

Following on from intellectual property as a tool, she briefly explained the types of intellectual property and how it can be used by academic institutions. She then explained IPR’s contribution in accordance with the ARIIA ranking in terms of the advantages of patent filing over publications.

Pearl said that insufficient intellectual property rights (IPR) awareness and lack of protection of intellectual property are the main limitations that are evident in our system. She emphasized the importance and benefits of copyrights and patents for intellectuals, researchers, students and institutions. Pearl encouraged everyone to be creators, innovators, and also own their intellectual property.

In the first technical session, Deeksha Arora, Assistant Manager, CIPAM spoke on “Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights”. She mentioned that intellectual property and research ethics are the key dimensions of any academic research, and stressed the awareness and protection of intellectual property. She said protecting her own brand would promote the original product and encouraged attendees to think outside the box and innovate. She also emphasized the types and importance of IPR in the academic world.

The second speaker, Dr. Vikram Kumar Sharma, University Librarian of Assam University, spoke on the subject of “Intellectual Property Rights and Research Ethics”. He mentioned the importance of ethical research as a prerequisite and basis for good scientific research. He emphasized the consistent maintenance of a high level of integrity, the consideration of the goals and the observance of all legal norms that would lead to responsible publications in the academic field.

In the second technical session, Prof. Pravakar Rath, Head of the Department of Library and Information Science at the University of Mizoram, spoke on the subject of “Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism for Academic and Research Development”. He stressed the need for intellectual honesty and academic integrity where plagiarism plays a very important role in initiating reliable and dependable academic and scientific output from colleges.

He also highlighted the UGC message related to promoting academic integrity and plagiarism prevention (detection tools / anti-plagiarism software) and referencing style. The prevention and effects of plagiarism and why researchers must follow these standard ethics were also emphasized.

Dr. Nihar K. Patra, University Librarian, University of Manipur, Imphal spoke on the topic “The Big 3 in IPR: Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks”. He emphasized the tangible and intangible types of property. Intensive coverage was carried out on industrial property and copyrights. In the context of industrial property, brands and patents (information and innovation) on and under copyrights were discussed; Copyright and performing rights issues were discussed extensively. Dr. Nihar also spoke about the copyright, patent and trademark registration process in India.

In the farewell meeting, Dr. George Pezhalhoukho, PG coordinator of the SJC, instructed participants to know and pursue intellectual property rights. From employee N Subramanian, Assistant Manager, CIPAM briefed attendees on the awareness and benefits of intellectual property and the importance of commercializing opportunities inside and outside the institution.

Around 490 participants attended the webinar, including students, staff, researchers and academics from the university and across the country.

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