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Here are today’s letters to the editor of the Ottawa Sun.

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Liberal Steven Del Duca makes a fuss of putting their campaign pledge in writing to build 1.5 million homes, while Doug Ford failed to pen his identical pledge.

I hope voters don’t put too much stock in the “written” promise, along with 40 other new written guidelines. You may remember a certain Liberal Prime Minister who made a major public media show by signing off on the Canadian taxpayers’ pledge not to levy taxes, then reversed and did just that. Thank you for that written promise/guarantee, Dalton McGuinty.

So the lesson is that just because Liberals make a written promise to voters, there’s no guarantee they’ll keep it or will keep it. To borrow a popular expression, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

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MIKE Alain


(Buyers beware.)


Subject: Lecce apologizes for ‘slave auction’ fundraiser at university, online 11 May

The article clearly shows Stephen Lecce’s poor judgment, but where does it end? Is it okay to put innocent people in “prisons” and require others to post their “bail” to charity? What about auctioning off men or women for “dates” to raise money for charity? One can only imagine what future generations will make of today’s everyday behavior.



(As we recently saw buildings being renamed and statues being removed.)

Hypocrisy at its worst

Now the woke crowd wants Stephen Lecce to step down as he took part in a “slave auction” as part of a charity fundraiser. When I was in high school, similar events were held where some football team players were auctioned off to be some of the lucky girls’ “assistants” during the school day. It was all just fun and nobody compared it to slavery.

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Where is your outrage at Trudeau’s many blackface episodes? Leftists are the most hypocritical members of society. They lost the right to criticize others once they put an “X” on their ballot for a Liberal candidate.



(There is an undue amount of hatred and irritation directed at Lecce. And the very same people who will defend Trudeau are condemning Lecce.)


Re: OC TRANSPO: Morale hits ‘all-time low’ over handling of enforced breaks, union boss says, online May 11

Apparently OC Transpo wants to hire 80 more drivers as soon as possible. Could someone please explain why? The red and white rockets along with the ultra-debt-crushing “tram to nowhere” are practically empty. A very large proportion of the public sector continues to work from home, ordering from Uber, and an echo can be heard in vacant government buildings across the city.

The union is angry because its workers are being forced to take mandatory 30-minute breaks for every shift of five hours or more instead of mini-breaks. I have to agree with you on that, but I don’t have much sympathy for drivers with 15 years of experience who now have to work weekends. These people make very good money with great benefits and job security.



(Morales in the workplace should not be dismissed. Especially among those who have continued to work on the front lines throughout the pandemic.)

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