Kevin S. Doyle, 66, attorney who went to court for people with intellectual disabilities | Recommended obituaries


For his senior project at UB, he suggested learning the difficult language of the country of Wales, where his mother was born. Since he could not find anyone at the university who knew Welsh, he taught himself how to speak and write it, and often consulted with relatives abroad.

After his bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics, Mr. Doyle then moved to Washington, DC. He was given a position on the House Select Committee on the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., later working for the mighty, through Buffalo-born US House of Representatives doorkeeper James T. Molloy, who had worked with his father House Ways and Means Committee.

“He was a guy with a lot of different interests and he had tremendous intellect,” said his brother Vincent. “That suits his interests.”

However, after several years in the country’s capital, he decided to prefer to live in his hometown. He returned to attend UB Law School, was co-president of the Hibernian Law Society, and graduated in 1991. He was associated first with the Damon & Morey law firm and then with the office of the Buffalo Corporation Counsel.

In 1997, Mr. Doyle joined the Mental Hygiene Legal Service, a government agency that advocates and litigates people who receive services for mental or developmental disabilities. For over two decades he met with clients in various psychiatric institutions and appeared for them in court. He also lectured to professional groups on effective legal writing. He retired in 2016.

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