Letter to the editor: This is a replacement tax, not a new tax



I am writing this letter in support of the upcoming delivery to the Battle Ground Public Schools. I have been a student, parent, educator, and parishioner in this district for many years. I have always appreciated the time, attention and support my teachers, administrators and school staff have given me throughout my years of training as a student. I entered education because I had a strong desire to help students achieve success in school and in life. It’s great to build strong connections with students and help them achieve their goals.
I am grateful that the students are personally back at school. Students and their parents appreciate having a routine, a teacher they can see every day who supports and guides their learning, and friends to socialize and connect with. This is an essential part of the educational process.
With a view to the upcoming parliamentary elections, there are a few key points that I would like to highlight when you vote:
– This is a replacement tax and not a new tax. The current submission expires on December 31, 2021.
– The projected tax rate for the next four years (2022-2025) is $ 1.99 per $ 1,000 appraised property value. This is a decrease from the current tax base of $ 2.32.
– The current bond, which the district passed in 2005, expires in December 2023, lowering the tax rate even further.
– Battle Ground Public Schools has the lowest property tax rate of any K-12 district in Clark County.
The levy will enable the district to maintain important student programs and activities that are not fully state funded and facilities.
– The submission supports many key positions such as nurses, counselors, psychologists, security guards, assistant principals and teaching assistants.
If you have additional questions, I recommend that district residents visit the Battle Ground Public School website at battlegroundps.org/levy.
The ballot papers were sent out on Friday, October 15th and must be sent and posted no later than Tuesday, November 2nd.
Ryan Cowl,


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