Jail for girls who filed FIR against Hindu leaders: Temporary sanctuary of infidel Prince Lala for weak police handwriting, Kakadev police behind Bajrang Dal riot

After arresting the incredulous Prince Lala, Bajrang Dal officers went to the Kakadev Police Station.

Kakadev police on Wednesday sent a woman to jail for registering an FIR for blackmailing a Hindu leader into making obscene videos. On the other hand, the police from Kakadev Police Station, who were flat-footed after Bajrang Dal’s riot at Kakadev Police Station, put the incredulous Prince Lala on trial on the third day after his detention. The police’s handwriting was so weak that the court refused to remand him and did not send him to prison. Kakadev police will try Prince Lala again on Thursday.

Kakadev police flat-footed after Bajrang Dal scuffle and police station siege

An FIR was filed by Pragati Singh aka Nikki of Kakadev on August 6th at Kakadev Police Station. It has been alleged that the leader of Bajrang Dal, Prince Srivastava aka Prince Lala, and his girlfriend Ritika Tiwari blackmailed him by making a suggestive video. Not only that, he was also beaten for protesting. Kakadev police arrested the accused Ritika in the case on August 10 and sent him to jail, but due to the commotion of Bajrang Dal officers at Kakadev Police Station and Gherao Police Station, the main accused Prince was not sent to jail.

After that, plaintiff Pragati Singh aka Nikki was also taken to prison by the police when he filed a lawsuit against public order. While the main defendant, Prince Lala, was tried three days later by police from Kakadev Police Station. The police handwriting was so weak that the court refused the dismissal. Now Kakadev police will try Prince on Thursday after proofreading.

Sent to prison after video of Vadani’s attack surfaced

Video has reached Kakadev police, who are investigating the case. It shows the plaintiff who brought the case beating a young man. On this basis, Kakadev police arrested Vadini in the Shanti Bhag case and held him in custody for 14 days.

The accused Prince Lala aka Prince Srivastava.

The accused Prince Lala aka Prince Srivastava.

The Hindutva leader played the game of blackmail and blackmail

The people of Prince Lala and his rival gang are playing the game of blackmail and extortion. This includes girls. Girls in the gang interact with people along the way. Then he suddenly accuses them of assault. Gang members gather there, making noise. Instead of doing the case, the money is confiscated. Prince Lala is the kingpin of the whole gang.

Gangster proceedings are initiated against the accused

Deputy Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari said numerous complaints had been received alleging allegations of extortion and racketeering. The crime was said to be committed by forming a gang. Some people don’t come out of fear. I ask him to contact the police and file a complaint. All cases will be investigated. Action is taken against the perpetrators. Gangster Act is also imposed.

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