“Prikspijt” stands for regret about the vaccination and was chosen as the Dutch word of the year 2021


The word prikspijt was voted the New Dutch Word of the Year 2021 by dictionary publisher Van Dale, with more than 8 out of 10 members of the public choosing the word as their choice from a group of 15 options. The company described the word as regret, or short-term pain, experienced by someone after being vaccinated against a contagious disease.

Ton den Boon, the Dutch editor-in-chief of the full Van Dale dictionary, announced the winning word on Tuesday. “Prikspijt is a broad concept and reflects well what is happening in society. On the one hand, there is the activism of people on social media who are against the coronavirus vaccinations. But ‘spijt’ can also be used as a term that you use if you have brief pain after the vaccination or because the vaccinations currently do not seem to be the ultimate way out of the crisis as hoped, ”explained Den Boon.

Radio 1 Journaal also conducted interviews with people on the street on Tuesday morning who showed that wearing has not yet become particularly well established in the Netherlands. Many people have said that if the person ends up hospitalized with Covid-19 because they haven’t been vaccinated, they are actually remorseful. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge saw it similarly, who said on Twitter: “When you are in the intensive care unit because you have not received an injection. Only then do you have prikregret. “

Nevertheless, the term of office received 82.2 percent of the 49,000 votes cast in the past two weeks. It was selected over woonprotest, a demonstration against the housing shortage (3.7 percent), and wappiegeluid (3.6 percent). The latter refers to misleading opinions that are not based on facts or scientific knowledge, with a Wappie often refers to someone who believes in conspiracy theories on serious subjects like the coronavirus pandemic. It’s becoming more common for a word to stand out from the rest of the nominees, Den Boon said, but never has the difference between first and second place been so great.

Many of the fifteen nominated words this year had to do with the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, such as prikspijt, prikpolarisatie (the polarization between vaccinated and unvaccinated) and vaccination, someone who skipped the line to get vaccinated before their turn. The Dutch word for Booster Shot, Boosterprik, was also an option along with Delta variant, based on a variant of the coronavirus, Door brake infection, a coronavirus infection diagnosed in a vaccinated person, and QR equivalent, defined as a society where people can only access certain places with a coronavirus passport.

A democracy influenced and changed by a pandemic, or pandemic, was also an option like wappiegeluid.

The nominated words unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic include Finfluencer, a financial influencer, and gevoeligheidslezer. This literally translates as “sensitive reader” in English and is a proofreader or editor who checks texts for potentially offensive content.

The other options were grotsyndroomwhich directly translated means “cave syndrome”. intimacy vacuum (“Intimacy vacuum”), memeaandeel (“Meme share”) and woonprotest. People could also submit words that they thought should stand a chance of the title.

The Van Dale word of 2020 was other half meter semen leving, the Dutch word means a society where people are 1.5 meters apart.

The year before the title was spoken Boomers. As in English, the word refers to someone from the baby boomer generation and can also refer to someone who is old-fashioned or narrow-minded.


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