Cold air, then chance for freezing rain on Monday morning

Sunday February 6th – Morning report

Have you noticed a trend with these Sundays? Talk about a pattern, this is the fourth Sunday in a row with much of our region starting out in the teens or colder.

Today’s weather will be calm but the cold is very different for possible freezing rain on Monday morning. It’s very different from what we missed last Friday and it’s worth mentioning.


  • today: Cold but quiet
  • Monday: Morning may bring freezing rain
  • Monday night: Cool rain Delmarva.
  • Most of this week: Sunny days and mild.
  • Next weekend: Saturday and Sunday will be colder

Sunday morning cold patterns

Here are the latest low temperatures for Sunday morning in Baltimore’s BWI

  • January 6 = 15ºF

  • January 23 = 15ºF

  • January 30 = 14ºF

  • Feb 6 = 18ºF (since midnight)

Morning temperatures at 7am

A slight pressure on the thermometer. BWI has warmed to 21ºF at sunrise.

Set up tomorrow

High pressure is in control and will keep our skies sunny today.

This will also allow a small system along the coast to head north tonight.

Just cold enough “after midnight” to allow frosting. (See below)

afternoon temperatures

temperatures on Monday morning

Monday freezing rain:

Why believe that?

I get it! To some, this may seem like a crying wolf. But this is different.

This is the NAM 3 km model. It’s the one who pinpointed the cold air delay last Friday and held off the icing on the cake.

This is a different configuration. It’s not rain that turns to ice. This is how it starts, overnight on cold and dry ground. This is more optimal for ice formation on the roads.

Also, remember last Friday and two weeks ago you had a freeze delay? That was due to a last moment “shift to the West”. Do you remember the coastal blizzard? This has extended the heavy snow over Delmarva due to a late “west shift”. It just wasn’t enough for metro areas.

This event is ALSO based on the “Farther West” track…


Monday 00:00 to Monday 15:00

*This is the system that looked like snow last week, then adopted… Now it’s back in a weakened and warmer form…

Here we see just enough humidity and cold air to create a glaze on the streets at midnight in the afternoon into the morning.

  • Pink = freezing rain
  • Blue = snow
  • Green = rain


Monday snapshot at 7am

Here is the point of concern at daybreak.


ECMWF model

This does NOT indicate a widespread icing event. The GFS is also silent, which is why your weather app might not show it.

National Weather Service: Explanation

I’m not alone in this. Here is the NWS statement trying to show their caution while getting the message across.

Monday afternoon temperatures

Slow push to thaw later in the afternoon

Rain Monday night: Delmarva

This is how the European model treats this event with rain from Monday night to Tuesday morning.

February 6 weather rain ecmwf

Weather Almanac: Climate data at BWI

TODAY February 6th

Seasonal Snow: 13.3”;


Normal low in Baltimore: 25ºF

Record of +1ºF in 1895

Normal high in Baltimore: 43ºF

Record 72ºF 2008

looking ahead

Winter has even more to offer…

In the middle of the month we will see another burst of arctic air in the jet stream. We can see this development at the end of the net week leading into Valentine’s Day.

Here is the European Jetstream loop

No promise for Valentine’s Day specifically, but that’s in the wintry weather window to visit.

7 day forecast

This will be a quiet week with temperatures pushing the 40s to almost 50ºF.

Next weekend comes the next cold air surge. It may arrive on Saturday with a mix of rain and snow, then arctic air returns into next week on Sunday.

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