Episode 8 – The Great Jahy Is Not Defeated!



Have you ever read a title that made you want the Solid metal gear Sound like “!!!”, but how … with your own mouth and lungs? And how … audible? To like… very audible? Well, episode 8, “The great Jahy can’t bathe!” immediately made me make that sound, but … was it justified?

To make it short? No, this is another solid Jahy episode, even if it’s pretty average.

Long story long? No, but let’s expand on that because … well, that is A review. So … Episode 8 is about one thing and only one thing: Jahy is allowed to take a bath that isn’t in her “pathetic little tub,” which is a direct quote from the cold openness and the most relatable mood you’ve ever lived did in Japan and had to climb into an ofuro with a height of over 1.50 m. And like so many of Jahy’s weaknesses, this means a real test of endurance as Jahy encounters all kinds of trials and difficulties just to take a bath, which is … expected, incredibly brutal, and so utterly relatable.

Fortunately, in the first half of episode 8, Jahy is picked up pretty quickly by Druj’s personal assistant, who has a bevy of snacks and refreshments in the limousine that Jahy eagerly eats in whatever mood. Yes I would Exactly the same, and then some. She even explains that this awesome limo is her home only to unceremoniously roll out and meet Druj at her company, which is a brand new treat to be used as the setting for this episode. This is where much of the comedy comes from, largely because of the Grand Canyon-wide rift between Jahy and Druj.

Much of their interactions only talk about Druj’s work and company, with some really fun tidbits and a bit of dissonance between Druj’s public figure and her real Personality as a demon. There is also a pretty funny scene where Jahy attends a workplace seminar as the person Druj admires most. It’s all good, but … it’s not in the title like that, is it? We’re here to bathe, which by the way … starts in the middle of the episode after Jahy is invited to a party that has … and Jahy interactions.

I want to come back to that, because again The great Jahy will not be defeated! does the right thing by starring in Jahy’s comedy as a child and then as an adult. It’s never sexual and ultimately leads to a number of comedic scenes that I could … by and large leave or take but still found entertaining enough. Ultimately, what I can say is that the show will most likely never get “lewd” in Jahy’s child form. I appreciate this decision, and while this may not be the same as the source material, I think it’s a wise choice here in the anime and adds liveliness to the later half of this episode.

I wish I had more to say about episode 8, but in the end it’s just…. Kind of okay That’s not bad: not every series can pump out blasts every week, and The great Jahy will not be defeated! is pretty much the same. That is, so much time with The great Jahy will not be defeated! was a delight, and while episode 8 isn’t exactly standout, it’s solid, and I think that’s the secret strength of The Great Jahy as a whole. I was hoping for a bit more bathroom contents (maybe a few weaknesses around them trying to find something that isn’t a tin tub) but … I suppose The Great Jahy can’t get enough bath time, right? I really hope episode 9 brings the giggles and laughter back with full force. I am sure: I have high expectations for this series overall, I expect it will continue to be very satisfactory. And as always, if you’re reading this review but have not made up your mind to be Team Jahy, it may be time to step on board and see why me and many people are great here because of this millennial tragedy of a female demon .


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