Internet mining is the antidote to poverty



By Reno Omokri

In today’s world, poverty, barring a very few circumstances, is a lifestyle choice or a function of ignorance because there are endless possibilities of creating wealth with minimal effort and average intellectual input.

And this information needs to spread like wildfire in Africa because our continent is needlessly plagued by poverty, which can be addressed if African governments know what they are doing.

Take a country like Nigeria. There are 100 million active cellular connections in Nigeria, with the vast majority being internet-enabled smartphones.

However, there is no concerted effort by the government to mass-market its citizens on how to make money legally online.

The opposite is the case in Nigeria. The Buhari government has demonized the internet and wealth creation in such a way that any wealthy youth is automatically suspected of cybercrime, with the evidence of their crime being their prosperity.

The Buhari junta expects Nigerians to be poor, and if you, as a Nigerian, have refused to be poor, you will become suspect in the eyes of this Taliban government.

Yes, there are scams on the internet, as well as scams on the internet. One of the biggest of these scams was the many promises General Buhari made to Nigerians in 2014-2015, the most famous of which were to end the fuel shortage because it was a scam (fuel subsidy has increased) to Paying job seekers a bonus (instead he increased the number of unemployed) to defeat Boko Haram (he added killer herders and bandits) and fight corruption (don’t even let me go there!).

But that’s only a small part of the story. The truth is that while you had to mine the earth for minerals and crude oil, in today’s world you are likely to be making a lot more money mining the internet.

Look at the largest corporations in the world. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba. They are all internet based. Nobody has to get involved in internet fraud, romance fraud, and credit card fraud. Use your ruse to make money on the internet legally.

Rather than just having the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arbitrarily arrest young people, even if they are innocent, the government should ask the National Orientation Agency to launch a mass mobilization campaign to enlighten Nigeria’s 100 million phone users in creative and legal ways to make money on the internet.

Elsewhere, I’ve written about 21 ways people can make money on the internet. I’m going to increase that list to thirty now.

21 sideline jobs that you can still do with or without a full-time job:

Online speaker


Quora questioner or answerer



Amazon publication

Affiliate marketing

Forex e-trading

Stock market trader

Virtual assistant / PA

Data entry

Music critic

Chat-based customer service representative

online marketing

Web designer


Shopify resellers

SEO optimization


Online teacher

Stock photographer


CV / resume writer

eBay dealers

Online proofreader

Instagram influencer

App creator

Professional app reviewer


Internet-based recruiting

Online music critic

Project author

Online personal fitness trainer

Online editor

For the past few weeks I’ve written or videotaped step-by-step instructions on how to make money from these particular endeavors. And today I’m going to be providing guidance on one more of those occasions.

It is possible to make instructions for everyone, but space will not allow me. So here it goes:

A step-by-step guide to making money with Amazon Kindle Publishing:

1. Create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. If you already have an Amazon account, use it to log into the KDP system. If not, create a new KDP account.

2. Add a new Kindle e-book (a “New Title”). Since this is your first book on Amazon, no titles are listed yet. Click the box labeled “+ Kindle eBook” to add a new Kindle book.

3. Enter your book title and subtitle. Your book title is vital. Readers start rating your book as soon as they see the cover, and the title is the first thing they read.

4. Enter the author name. If there is more than one author, enter the other names in the Contributors field.

5. Enter your Book Description

6. Check your publishing rights. If you are the author of the book, select the radio button that says “I own the copyright and have the necessary publishing rights”.

7. Choose your keywords. Think about these carefully. When you fill in these fields you are really saying, When people type these words in an Amazon search, I want my book to show up.

8. Choose two categories for your book

9. Choose the correct age group (if applicable).

10. Choose your book publishing option.

11. Select DRM Rights. Make sure you enable DRM. Digital Rights Management prevents people from copying your book and sending it to someone else for free.

12. Upload your book and book cover.

13. Preview your book.

14. Choose your territories (preferably all territories).

15. Choose your license fees and prices.

16. Publish

Amazon Direct Publishing is a very profitable endeavor. And let me give you an idea for a book. If you used to be a cheater, turn to a new page and write a preliminary book entitled “Memories of a Repentant Cheater”.

Believe me, such a book will become an international bestseller. And instead of ending up like Hushpuppi, you could sign a deal with Netflix to have your book turned into a movie or TV series.

No joke! Fifty Shades of Gray, perhaps the most successful book of the past ten years, was self-published by the British author EL James (real name Erika Mitchell) on Amazon Direct Publishing.

EL James expressed herself as shocked at the breakthrough success of her book, which she wrote with excitement after watching the Twilight series of films.

These are her exact words: “I was completely surprised by the explosion of interest.”

The book series has now sold 180 million copies worldwide, bringing in £ 114 million for EL James. And that’s the job she did as an amateur, like you. It was a tough first book. She had no experience. She only had access to the internet and a smartphone and a laptop. The same thing on your hand when you complain that you are unemployed!

Renos nuggets:

Cristiano Ronaldo’s jersey can go as high as $ 120, but you’re going to buy it anyway because you love Ronaldo. But if your friends are selling things for as little as $ 10, ask them for a free product. Who needs the money between a billionaire like Ronaldo and your friends? Don’t treat people who don’t know you exist better than your friends. True love is shown by loving the people you know and interact with, not by showering celebrities with affection that you fantasize about. Let your disposable income circulate among your friends and family, not your celebrities and crushes!


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