PDFs like in Microsoft Word? It’s finally possible with PDFelement!



Microsoft Word is considered by many to be the default document editing program and is used by individuals, schools, and businesses. Not surprisingly, given its intuitive user interface, user-friendly features, and high compatibility with other Office products, the software is so popular.

Many professionals today prefer to work with Word documents rather than PDFs and want to be able to edit PDFs as easily as Word files. Business users also want to manage their PDFs with a Word-like program. There are many programs for editing PDFs, the most popular of which are Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert.

However, these are expensive solutions with inflated feature sets that make them complex to use for average workers and workers. Since the software integrates content in different ways, these often lead to compatibility and formatting problems when editing Office documents.

Many users ask themselves: “Is it possible to edit PDFs in a cost-saving manner and without compromising productivity?” The answer is yes. There is an economical and flexible solution for PDF editing: It is Wondershare PDFelement, a corporate-level program accessible to everyone, extremely easy to use and equipped with professional tools that allow you to edit PDFs like a powerful word processor.

The intuitive user interface and exceptional editing features allow you to create clean and elegant documents, making PDFelement a phenomenal choice for creating and editing PDFs.

Turn paper documents into digital files

Turn any paper document into an editable PDF with identical fonts to the original. The PDFelement Editor recognizes the text in paper documents with unusual precision, saving you the time otherwise spent rewriting, formatting and arranging fonts. Imagine you have software that can convert any physical book into a digital book that you can modify. So much fun, right?

No more rewriting. Revolutionize your documents

Stop wasting time searching for original documents or creating them from scratch. PDFelement allows you to quickly convert any existing PDF using the editing tools available including stamping, watermarking, Bates numbering and many others. Rewriting is a boring activity. With PDFelement, you no longer have to rewrite important books. Just convert them to PDF documents and let your creativity run wild.

Intelligent paragraph recognition

Edit or add new content without changing the original page layout. Thanks to line mode and paragraph recognition technology, the existing paragraphs and the associated formatting automatically adapt when new text is added to a paragraph or an element is inserted into a list. Forget tedious paragraph arrangements. You will find that each paragraph is aligned with the other paragraphs. This technology is not present in most similar software. It’s included in PDFelement, which is a very affordable PDF editing tool.

Convert PDFs to Office Formats

PDFelement makes it easy to convert PDF documents to almost any Microsoft Office format (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), saving you reformatting time. No more need to use third party software. You can convert your document directly. You can’t expect anything more practical!

Edit scanned PDFs

Turn scanned image documents into editable documents while retaining the original formatting and layout. World-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology converts paper files into editable documents so you can find, edit, insert or delete text, change formatting, resize and remove images, and more. OCR can be carried out on individual documents as well as on groups of documents and can recognize more than 20 languages. It should be noted that OCR is a technology only found in some of the best PDF editing tools.

Create and fill out forms

Easily create fillable PDF forms: With PDFelement’s powerful form recognition technology, you can convert any non-fillable form (created in Word, Excel or other applications) into an editable and fillable PDF with just one click.

As if that weren’t enough, the automatic form processing system can extract data from hundreds of identical forms and quickly import it into Excel spreadsheets. This technology can save you a lot of time. You won’t believe that you can easily extract data from so many sources.

These functions play an important role within companies, for example by enabling the archiving of legal content, facilitating the exchange of commercial content for sales companies, collecting information about consumers and employees, and much more. In addition, the tools mentioned above are particularly useful for optimizing the workflow of companies.

A faster, smarter editing experience that is very similar to Microsoft Word. Find out why companies choose PDFelement over other PDF editors:

– Standardization on Windows and Mac – Enjoy an enhanced user experience thanks to the standardization of PDF tools on Windows and Mac.

– Affordable, Multipurpose Solution – Use powerful tools to edit, convert, proofread, secure, sign, and compare PDFs at a fraction of the cost of Adobe Acrobat.

– Simplified licensing and distribution – Discover the freedom of perpetual licenses and save time on license management, distribution and upgrades.

– Teamwork becomes easier with PDFelement. You can mark any part of the working document that you think doesn’t fit. Your colleague will fix it based on your suggestion. Imagine taking notes here and there in your PDF document and your co-workers will notice. You can also (digitally) sign your document to make it look official.

– Each user can determine which text is visible to others and which is not. In this way, you can protect sensitive information. Of course, you can also assign a password to your document.

– You can rely on the software – smooth product handover thanks to face-to-face meetings with experts, 24/7 customer support, online instructions and a thriving technical community. As soon as you are “registered”, you will be served at any time. No matter if you have a problem with PDFelement, they will help.

After all, editing PDFs with this tool will never be a problem again. Editing PDF documents will be just as easy as editing Word documents.

Did you find it interesting? We hope so! Try it out and good luck!



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